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Property value is a key factor in guiding real estate and financial decisions. You need access to the most comprehensive, real-time data alongside skilled professionals who derive intelligence from analytics. We help you realise the true value of your property with trusted real estate insights and independent advice across all property types and interests.

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Property Valuation Types

  • Valuation & Advisory Services


    Independent and timely valuations of residential property, of every type, and for all purposes.

  • Valuation & Advisory Services


    Our dedicated rural property valuers have diverse rural backgrounds and practical experience, bringing deep insights to our clients across agricultural sectors.

  • Valuation & Advisory Services

    Retirement & Healthcare

    Offering specialised retirement and healthcare valuation expertise for real estate owners and investors.

  • Valuation & Advisory Services

    Hotels & Hospitality

    No two hotels or resorts are the same. Neither is our valuation and consultancy advice.

  • Valuation & Advisory Services


    From CBD strip shopping to suburban supermarkets, we bring a global perspective to local retail valuations.

  • Valuation & Advisory Services

    Industrial & Logistics

    We understand the dynamic nature of the industrial market and offer expert valuation of distribution centres, business parks, transport & logistics, vacant land, cold storage and more.

  • Valuation & Advisory Services


    We specialise in commercial valuations for CBD offices and suburban offices across Australia.

  • Valuation & Advisory Services

    Residential Living Sectors

    Our team is at the forefront of trends and challenges specific to the growing asset classes of co-living homes, build-to-rent, purpose-built student accommodation and affordable housing.

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